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DSI works directly with customers/health plan members, insurers, providers and leading diabetes supply manufacturers to provide high-quality products and services to help successfully manage diabetes. So relax…your health and comfort are our business.

DSI Therapeutic Shoes

Comfort and Style

Each shoe is specifically crafted to meet your unique needs —including your style!

  • High quality therapeutic shoes for men and women
  • A wide range of sport, casual and dress styles
  • Onsite consultation, fitting and delivery of therapeutic shoes and inserts
  • Expert customer service
  • Streamlined setup and enrollment process

Quality Footcare Focused on Promoting Your Health

At Diabetes Store, Inc. (DS) we focus on providing quality, cost effective footcare focused on promoting and maintaining active, healthy lifestyles while reducing lower extremity complications. DSI’s Therapeutic Shoes are an important component in the self- management of those diagnosed with diabetes.

Therapeutic Shoe Sampler for Women & Men

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Dress Boots

Relax ... We Come to You

Our national network of Pedorthists/Qualified Fitters provide onsite services in the place most convenient for you, including, provider clinics, health systems, senior facilities, or your home.

Our trained professional assessments include:

  • Visual inspection of both feet
  • Measurement for therapeutic shoes
  • 3D scan of feet
  • Heat molding for shoe inserts
  • Temperature readings

Therapeutic Shoes Have 3 Distinct Qualities:

  1. Extra-depth insole
  2. Nonslip sole
  3. Soft padded upper (top of shoe)

Why Therapeutic Shoes?

  • Wearing “inappropriate footwear” is the most common cause of foot trauma
  • Diabetics experience a higher level of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU’s)
  • Avoidance of DFU formation is vital for maintaining good health and mobility

Therapeutic shoes are specialty shoes designed to accommodate orthotic inserts and are intended to promote foot health by reducing the risk of skin breakdown in diabetics with preexisting foot disease.

Did you know that foot complications such as ulcers can develop in just a couple of hours? Therapeutic shoes can help prevent this.

Diabetes Supplies

Our mail-order program provides free delivery every 60 days.

Therapeutic Shoes

Our national network of qualified fitters provide onsite services to create custom inserts and to properly fit shoes selected from our wide range of shoe styles.

Diabetes Education

Resources for healthy eating and lifestyle choices to assist in managing diabetes through improved self-care.

Offering you the highest level of support, Diabetes Store, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction in everything we do and every product sold.
Our friendly staff of product experts are available to answer any questions and to assist you in selecting products that work best for you!

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